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Hi, I’m Wanda! I’m so glad you’re here. As a Director of Operations (DOO), I’m here to manage all of your behind-the-scenes projects so that you have the freedom, time, and profits to make the impact you’ve always intended. Consider me your silent strategic partner! 


Want to learn more about how I’m uniquely qualified to help?  Please keep reading! 


About Me

When you started your own business, you probably didn’t imagine how business-ee it would really be!


It is hard to stay in your zone of genius when you have to do all the back-office tasks necessary to keep your business operational.


As your business grows, you have less time to spend on operations and need to focus on your direct client work. You need an analytical manager who can keep the back office running smoothly.


I get it! We all can’t think in systems as I do! (Yeah, I know I’m unusual!)


Strategic mapping will provide you with an overall picture of moving from the current state of your business to the future business you envision. Start with your mission, vision, and values to build a solid foundation for the seven aspects needed for a business to succeed. Now you have a business plan to scale your business!


Once you have a future vision, it is time to break it down into yearly milestones to get to the final goal. Those yearly goals are broken down further into a quarterly plan of concrete action steps. This granular focus provides direction for the team, systems, and priorities to attain your vision.


The thought of delegating business tasks can be nerve-wracking for many entrepreneurs. This business is your baby, your pride and joy, you have grown it from the ground up. But, you also know that it is time to redirect your efforts so that the business can expand, grow, and succeed.


Hiring a fractional Director of Operations is a logical step in the right direction. You need the strategy, project management, and systems analytics a DOO provides, but you may be hesitant to hire someone at that level committing to a full-time salary.


Well, I have your answer!


My corporate background taught me how to efficiently operate and market a business. As a mid-level manager, I had the opportunity to work with international teams and focus on business-to-business and business-to-consumer marketing.


I enjoy being a team builder. Through the training to become a certified coach, I learned how to bring out the best in people and support them to succeed.


The combination of these two experiences and my certifications as a Director of Operations and Online Business manager provides well-rounded knowledge to help entrepreneurs successfully grow their businesses.


If any of this sounds familiar to you, we need to meet. When you are at the point in your business where you just can’t add another task to your to-do list it is time for strategic planning. Book a strategy session with me to see how I can help you.

Wanda cox

Five Little Known Facts About Me

  • The year I was born, I was the first baby of the year in my city. Care to guess my birthday?
  • My top three values are Service, Peace, and Humor.
  • I have visited eleven of the Major League Baseball parks. It is my intention to visit all of them.
  • My cat Rosie is the boss of my household. And she knows it!
  • Much to the surprise of this city girl, I have fallen in love with camping. Well, some people might call it glamping! This cabin is my friend Maurice.