Sound Business. Sound Body. 
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These sure are interesting times.

If you’re like most folks, you’re doing your best to adjust to the changes in your current day-to-day lives.

Good for you!

But have you looked at the calendar and the goals that you set for yourself earlier in the year and been frustrated at the gap? 

Does this sound familiar?

I've seen a lot of messaging recently about planning for 2021. That's good and all, but you know what? I'm here to tell you that there's still a lot of life left in 2020. In spite of...

Make the most of the rest of 2020!
Start 2021 on the right foot!

Let’s make the most of the next seven weeks together. 

No pressure. No judgement.

Each week you’ll receive one text with two focus areas for the upcoming week. One tip will be business centered. The other will be focused on your personal wellness. You’ll receive a check-in text at the end of the week.

BONUS: You’ll also receive access to a private podcast only for members of the Biz and Bod program. The weekly episodes contain additional tips & strategies. It’s compatible with most major podcast players. 

There’s NO Facebook group to join. NO Zoom call to attend. All  you need is access to a cell phone, and a few minutes a day to care for your business AND your body. 

Just imagine the new business practices and healthy habits that you’ll form over the next 7 weeks! And you won’t be doing it alone. I’ll be there to recommend, remind, and encourage you to help keep you on track.

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Join Biz and Bod for 7 weeks for one payment of only $37! Includes weekly texts and access to a private weekly podcast for additional support. 

Need more info to decide? I got you!

You’ll receive two texts per week for seven (7) weeks. They’ll contain a mix of tips and strategies to help you manage both your personal wellness and the health of your business

On the first day of the week, you’ll receive a text with strategies for implementing the focus area of the week. 

On the last day of the week, I’ll send you a follow-up text to see how things are going.

And let’s keep it real okay? Sometimes life just doesn’t go as we planned. (I see you nodding your head at that! I see you!)

Maybe you’ll be super focused on the tips but get sidetracked in a few days. Maybe you’ll get distracted and a few days go by and you haven’t started at all. 

No worries. I got you! 

At mid week, I’ll be releasing a 5-15 minute podcast episode with extra tips and a little motivation to get you going, get you started, or to celebrate what you’ve already accomplished. 

Running your own online business does NOT mean that you have to neglect your own wellness needs. 

And I may sprinkle in a little humor along the way. COVID-19 can’t stop that! 

One payment of $37. That’s it! 

I’m a Certified Online Business Manager. I support online businesses on a daily basis to grow and nurture their businesses. 

I’m also a Certified Health and Wellness Coach. I know that if we don’t prioritize our  personal wellness, it will show up in our businesses. It’s all connected! 

Anyone interested in receiving quick, actionable strategies related to wellness and/or running an online business.

Get support for your health in a low stress, flexible environment.

Available to residents of the US and Canada.

Feel free to share the signup info with your friends and family! The more the merrier!

In a word…nothing. There are no Facebook groups to join. No Zoom calls to attend. The texts will be delivered to you at 12:00 pm ET twice/week. Read them when you can. Reply if you’d like. Adopt the tips as you see fit. 

I’m sooooo excited about this addition to my original release of the program. This private broadcast is only available to Biz and Bod program members. AND for a limited time, I’m making it available for no additional cost! 

Each week I’ll release a mid-week podcast episode. It will provide additional strategies and thoughts on that week’s focus area. 

Each episode will be between 5-15 minutes, and you can access them via most major podcast players. 

It’s a breeze to use and as soon as you sign up you will receive a text with a link  to the podcast. Just click on the link, pick your favorite player, and you’re done! Easy peasy!


Wanda, stop blathering already. Tell me how to sign up!

Oops! Sorry, I’m just so excited about this! Click the button below! 

See you on the inside! 

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